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How Power Washing Can Help Your Business This Spring

Just as snow begins to melt and temperatures rise, the spring rush will begin. After many cold months, customers will be ready to get out and enjoy the rising temperatures. As a customer arrives at your business, the first thing many will notice on their way to the door is your concrete. A thorough concrete cleaning will make sure to give the best first impression this spring. In the following brief article, we will cover just a few of the ways that power washing can help your business this spring.

Clean Concrete=More Revenue

Like it or not, customers will judge your business by appearance. In fact, a study from found that;

"More than two-thirds of consumers say they have avoided a place of business based on its external appearance. Consumers decide whether or not they will shop at your store based on its presentation from the street."

Having a clean storefront is proven to bring more customers into your business, and more customers = more revenue.

Reduce Safety Hazards

Grease, algae, and oils can all make concrete slippery. Not only are these unsightly, but they can also create a large liability for your business. Clean concrete can reduce liability and create better working conditions for your employees.

Increase Concrete Lifespan

The use of rock salt to melt ice is known to significantly reduce the lifespan of concrete. As temperatures rise, power washing excess salt and salt residue off of your concrete can serve to greatly increase concrete lifespan.

If you would like to learn more about how a commercial power washing service can help your business this spring, give the pros at Colorado Springs Pressure Washing, LLC a call at 719-256-0266 or visit our website to learn more.

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